being unwell

The ease of your life has been disturbed and you are open to the experience of disease.

This can be caused by a shock to your system (such as grief, trauma or poisoning) or to a lack of any life essentials (from vitamins to love).

It may simply be due to the triggering of your natural or inherited tendencies to disease by prolonged stresses or strains.

These disturbances to your life put you "out of tune", alter the tone of your life to one of suffering. This in turn causes changes, which you experience as symptoms (such as pain, exhaustion, fear and depression).

"When I first came to see you I was in despair.
I only wish we had met sooner"

Being unwell, you feel unwell, less able to do the things that you want to, less able or less inclined to socialise. Life can feel like constant hard work, a negative experience! Being ill then seems to be a state or expression of dynamic mistunement or dis-ease, on all levels of being - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Instead of humming you groan!