Our Fees


An hour and a half is allowed for the initial consultation and the fee for this is 75. 

Generally, for follow-up consultations we ask for 45 and allow an hour  

Follow–up consultations are tailored to meet your individual needs and will be discussed with you as part of your individual treatment plan.

The initial consultation fee for a child or young adult under 16 years of age is 50 for one hour and follow-up appointments are 35

Payment at the end of your consultation is greatly appreciated.

Please note that the H.S.A. medical insurance scheme incorporates Homoeopathic medicine.


A standard prescription fee of 10 covers all prescriptions and telephone consultations up to 5 minutes in length. A further 10 fee will be asked for if the telephone consultation runs up to 15 minutes.

Longer telephone consultations can be arranged at mutually convenient times and for a pre-arranged fee.

For repeat prescriptions outside of consultations we still ask for 5 - 10 depending on the number of medicines to be sent. Otherwise the cost of the prescription is included in your consultation fee.


If you cannot keep an appointment, we would appreciate 24 hours notice from you so that your consultation time may be allocated to another patient. If not, we regret that we may have to charge you the full fee.

Practitioners; 40 for an hour.

Students; initial consultation with patient, 60 for two hours (to include feed-back and working).

Follow-ups, 30 for an hour.

Seminars, 400 per day.

Accredited Colleges, 250-300 per day.

We would ask that expenses, accommodation, travel etc., be covered in addition to the teaching fee.

Please note that all fees are subject to annual review.