keeping well

Once you are really well again, once you are "back on song", then our work with you changes focus.

Keeping well means continuing to pay attention to your health. It may involve dealing with any tendencies to ill health, which you have inherited or which are part of your basic nature.

More than that, it involves us re-entering into a meaningful dialogue with you and exploring the things which sustain your life, which nourish you physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Together we look to find ways to ensure that you get these essential needs met, adopting more skillful ways to live your life.

This is the process of "fine tuning"; it is a practice for life.


This practice of maintaining well-being may involve regular periodic meetings (every six months or so) and a deep mutual commitment to your continuing health and development.

The ultimate aim of our work together is to enable you to be who you really are, and to fulfil your potential.

"You know us now better than the old family doctor would, and I feel that every visit is like an investment in our health"


Your well-being and your being YOU are very important to us.