Mo Morrish

Mo Morrish Previously a Microbiologist, I graduated from the College of Classical Homoeopathy in 1991 and registered with the Society of Homeopaths in 1994.

I am now the Principal of the British School of Homoeopathy, having lectured there since 1992, and am very excited by the Patient Centred Learning program that we have put in place.

I have a particular interest in the healing of men, and the development of a positive and healthy masculinity within this culture. I have worked regularly at Positive Action South West with people struggling with HIV and AIDS.

In 2006 I published published a book exploring my homoeopathic philosophy, entitled Medicine Flows

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I have recently published a second book, ‘Homoeopathy: A Rational Choice in Medicine’. For those people wanting to find out more about homoeopathic medicine this little book is a good place to start. To find out more about the book,  please visit: