the practitioners

As Homœopaths we choose to work with you in your process of restoring yourself to health...and then in your continuing process of sustaining sound health.

It is both a joy and a privilege for us to see you free yourself from dis-ease and move forward in your life.

The Homoeopathic Practice
Alison Morrish
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& Mo Morrish
BSc., MCCH, RSHom.
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This is our life's work;
it is our art and practice.

Both of us have busy and rewarding clinical, teaching, and supervisory practices. We are committed to high quality health care and enjoy working with psyche and soma.

We both feel passionate about the work we do, and are lively, warm, and friendly people who enjoy living and laughing.

We have each experienced some of the highs and lows of life and continue to do the work involved in growing on.

We have eight children between us, and our large extended family is a rich source of loving experience which helps to keep us grounded!


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