the process

If you cannot recover spontaneously from disturbances to your health, you need help. You may choose to work with one of us.


We listen to you, care-fully and deeply: we attend to you. We look for the meaning behind your symptoms, for the reasons why you are unwell. If you have a strong sense of never being well since a particular time or incident in your life, then we are even more likely to be able to help.

We then prescribe medicines which gently yet powerfully help to resolve the disturbances in your life. These medicines work to "re-tune" your sense of well-being, remove your symptoms, and restore you to your former state of ease and health.

"I really appreciate your listening and analytical skills.
Being really listened to is both satisfying and inspiring"

More than this, we offer advice and make suggestions which may also help you to become well. We may suggest other therapies or practitioners to help you.

This dynamic yet gentle process of restoration may take some time, a profound ingredient in any true healing.

Tuning is a fine art